Regular servicing is essential for the reliability and smooth running of your vehicle.  

Some of what is offered in our service includes:

·         Check for general oil leak

·         Check operation of exterior lights

·         Check / top up power steering reservoir (if applicable)

·         Check brake fluid level and top up if required

·         Check windscreen washer operations & top up if required

·         All of the lights are checked for operation

·         The road wheels are removed to carry out a thorough inspection of the braking system.

·         The steering and suspension is checked for wear and condition.

·         The wheel bearings are checked for wear.

·         The exhaust system is inspected.

·         Under bonnet fluid levels are checked and topped up as required.

·         The tyre condition is checked and all pressures adjusted as required.

·         The underside of the vehicle is checked.

·         The Oil & Filter is replaced (if required)

 ·         The Air Filter is replaced (if required)

·         The Pollen filter if fitted is also removed and checked.